Sustainable Production

organic gardens

We avoid monocultures and instead combine vegetables, fruit plants and medicinal plants in a crop rotation system following the lunar calendar.

We use what we know about companion plants and natural pathogen repellent plants to avoid using exogenous chemicals.

We started using raised garden beds in some of our gardens to diminish weed growth.

Free range

Our cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens are fed following a rotation system.

New day, new parcel: The animals get meal diversity, while decreasing pathogens’ perpetuation and maintaining soil health.

Hand-crafted Meals

Our traditional methods allow people to value every step of a meal creation.

The awareness you experience makes every chocolate, pan de yuca, ají, coffee, and patacones taste even better!

This way we avoid food waste and we have access to meals that are fresh, healthy, and made with love.

Sustainable wood & bamboo production

We only take what we need, we give back and we maintain the natural species distribution when re-planting.