Cloud forest reserve

La hesperia

90km from Quito

16°C - 30°C

2000 - 3000 mm/year

1100 masl – 2040 masl

Welcome to La Hesperia, a cloud forest reserve located in the western slope of Ecuadorian Andes.

We believe environmental conservation and human development are completely interconnected and to treat them as separate aspects is a mistake; therefore, while protecting 700 hectares of tropical forest we conduct productive activities using the principles of organic farming, permaculture and sustainable tourism.

Currently the media is plagued with catastrophic environmental news, we invite you to join any of our programs to be part of the solution while having an authentic and experiential journey.

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La Hesperia Team



Most frequently questions and answers

You will have the Amazon, the Andes, the Coast and the Galápagos Islands all within reach. It is the smallest of the 17 mega-diverse countries in the world allowing you a convenient access to rain forests, cloud forests, mountains, islands, deserts, valleys and snow-capped volcanoes all while sharing the environment with 8% of the world’s animal species and with 10% of the world’s plant species.

By joining our community you become part of a model that integrates conservation efforts with sustainable production practices that promote the health of the environment and the local people. With 800 hectares of land supporting more than 450 species we have unlimited potential to explore and appreciate.

  • Conserving and protecting the existing forest against land-degrading activities so future generations can enjoy it.
  • Educating communities with a holistic and land-based approach to promote systematic change.
  • Sharing our history, experiences, and passions with our community members to support and encourage each other.

For better achievement of our goals, we are open to cooperation agreements with conservation, educational and social institutions through our TVL application portal. We are also happy to hear individual cooperation ideas you may have.

Sustainability and conservation efforts require curious, adaptable and hard-working people to join and share a vision for a less consumeristic world and love re-connecting to the land. By producing your own food, producing less waste and consuming less energy, plastic and water you will experience a paradigm shift regarding luxury and self-sufficiency.


Volunteering at La Hesperia in times of COVID was not that different from volunteering here at any other given time. There are marvellous animals, enchanting forests, peaceful mountains, there are trees to be planted and trails to be explored, the only thing missing is you!




La Hesperia has become my home-away-from-home where I have enjoyed many fond memories and laughs with the staff and other volunteers. Thank you for giving me the chance to contribute to a cause that I believe in. I hope my work here was helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.




I stayed for five weeks and it was definitely the best time of my life. I do not want to go home. I love everything here. The nature is amazing. I try to get back here as soon as possible. I wish everybody here has the same fun here which I had!



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